Agrisnet Farmer ID, List & Registration Status

Agrisnet Farmer ID, List  & Registration Status

For the development of farmers in the country, the Central Government has taken the initiative for the better development of the farmers in the country. This development and initiative is known as Agrisnet Farmer ID, which is a much needed and official ID given to every farmer in the country. Today we will share the important aspects of Agrisnet Farmer ID. We will also share the step-by-step process through which you can see the list of Agrisnet farmers. We will also share the step-by-step process to find out farmer ID, registration status.
Agrisnet Farmer ID

Odisha Agrisnet Farmer List

Through the implementation of this initiative, agricultural mechanization will be provided to the farmers of the state. Agricultural policy refers to the development and use of machines that can replace human and animal energy in agricultural processes. Through the development of this initiative many farmers will be able to live without wasting extra money. Many incentives and other items such as pesticides and insecticides are provided by government officials.
Overview of Odisha Agrisnet

Agrisnet Farmer
Launched by
Central Government
Farmers of the country
Providing incentives of all type
Official website

Advantages of Agrisnet Farmer ID

Many of the benefits of Farmer ID are developed through the online portal Agrisnet, but the main incentives offered to farmers in the country are the availability of farm machinery and the use of crops for all other farmers. You can get funding along with the farming system. If you register yourself as a farmer on the Agrisnet portal, you will be able to find your farmer ID on the platform with a single click.
  • Beneficiaries get discounts on various government schemes
  • With the help of farmer ID the beneficiaries get knowledge about the number of inputs and supply chains.
  • Farmers are informed about the amount of fertilizer required to fertilize the soil.
  • Beneficiaries get a subsidy on seed DBT from the government
  • Beneficiaries also have access to information on productivity and quality farming.

Procedure to Search Odisha Agrisnet Farmer List

If you want to see the list of farmers in Agriginet portal, you can follow the simple steps given below: –

  • First of all, visit the official website of the portal.
  • On the website, click on the DBT option in the menu list.
  • From the dropdown menu, click on DBT farmers’ registration
  • Or click on this link
  • Select-
  • District       
  • Block
  • Gram Panchayat
  • Village
  • Status
  • Click Search
  • The list will appear.

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