CDSE Telangana: Application Form, Transfer, Status, Edit & Details

 CDSE Telangana: Today under this article we will share important information about Telangana School Education Commissioner and Directorate. In this article today, we will share the important aspects of CDSE Telangana. In this article today, we will share a step-by-step guide for CDSE school education teachers. You can fill out a form to transfer their services. Also, we share other important aspects of the system.

CDSE Telangana

CDSE Telangana Portal

CDSE stands for School Education Commissioner and Directorate. Public school facilities in Telangana have been a huge success as many facilities have been of great help to students from economically backward communities. Sarvashiksha Abhiyan is also applicable to all students studying from Nursery to 12th class in CDSE. Through the Sarvashiksha Abhiyan, many students will be able to attend school without any fees.

Web Counseling

As we all know now, in the digital age everything is done through online mode, but some teachers are very old and do not know how to proceed with this process through online mode or how to visit the official website CDSE Telangana. Over time, many offline processes will be shifted online by Telangana government officials. Now, every policy of CDSE is available online for public school teachers in Telangana.

Process To Submit Transfer Application At CDSE

If any applicant wants to submit the transfer application form for transferring his/her job from one district to another district or from one City to another City or as per your desire then the applicants have to follow the following step-by-step procedure:-
✓First, visit the official website of the CDSE Telangana.
✓On the homepage, select the SERVICE tab from the menu bar.
✓From the drop-down menu, click on Teachers Transfer.
✓Click on New Entry.
✓The application form will be displayed on your screen.
✓You will have to enter various details.
 • Select your District.
 • Select your Mandal.
✓Now Select the post category.
✓Select Management of the School.
✓Select the Area Plain or Agency.
✓Enter your-
  • Mobile no
  • Aadhar no
  • Employee Treasury Code.
  • Name of Seeker of CDSE Telangana.
✓ Enter your details such as-
 • Date of Birth
 • Marital Status
 • gender
 • Disability
✓ Select your School Medium.
✓ Select School Type.
✓ Enter the School Name.
✓ Enter Date of Serving in all categories CDSE Telangana.
✓Select School Category.
  • Is there any change in School Category?
  • Has the person complete 8 yrs as of 31-05-2018?
  • Appointment Date
  • Appointment Category.
• Whether a person is working as Male Headmaster or working in Girls High School?
✓ Date of Joining CDSE Telangana.
✓ SSC Percentage.
✓ Whether he or she is President or General Secretary of the District or the State of Association?
✓ Whether Interested to avail spouse Benefits?
✓ Does the person avail benefits under Preferential Category in the last eight years as on 31-05-2018?
✓ Does a person want to claim under the Preferential Category?
✓ Is working as an NCC officer?
✓ Years served in the same gram Panchayat.
✓ Finally, click on Get OTP
✓ Enter the OTP
✓ Click on submit
✓ Also, submit one set of the application form and copy of the certificate to the concerned Mandal Educational Officer.
✓ Keep a copy of the application form and certificate yourself.

Check the status of the application

If you would like to check the application status of your transfer, you can follow the simple steps given below: –
✓First, visit the official website of CDSE Telangana.
✓On the homepage, click on the service menu.
✓A new webpage will appear on your screen.
✓Fill in all your details with all the district options given.
✓Click “Inter-District Preferences Web Assignment”.
✓Select your district
✓Click Submit.
✓A list of teachers who have received applications for inter-district transfer is displayed.

How to edit a transfer application

✓To edit a pre-filled application, you must visit the official website
✓Now go to the Services tab and select “Edit Shifting Application
✓Provide the information requested and modify your application
✓Tap the “Submit” option as you wish for a change

Application printing process

✓ To print a pre-filled application, you must visit the official website
✓ Now go to the Services tab and select the “ Shifting Application Print” option
✓ Then enter the ID in the teacher info and select the Go option
✓ The application appears on the computer / laptop screen
✓ Enter the print command and print it out or save it as a pdf on your PC

Procedure To Check the final Merit list

✓To check the merit list, you need to go to the official website
✓Now go to the Services tab and select the “Final Merit List” option
✓Select transfer type, category and area of ​​post
✓Select the Submit option and the list will be displayed on the computer screen.

Procedure for checking allocations in the district

✓ To check the merit list, you need to go to the official website
✓ Now go to the Services tab and select “ web allotment of within the district willing
✓ A list will appear on the computer screen with the following details, find your information in it
  • ID in Teacher Info
  • Name of the Individual
  • Designation
  • Present Working Place
  • District
  • Allotted KGBV
  • Category of Shifting

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