DTA Telangana: Employee Payslip , Treasury Bill Details etc.

DTA Telangana: Today we will talk about online employee pay and treasury bills of Telangana. In this article today, we will share the important specification of DTA Telangana, an online portal through which government office employees in Telangana can withdraw their payments and treasury through the online mode. In this article, we will share an important aspect of DTA Telangana.

DTA Telangana

DTA Telangana Employee Payslip

Telangana is one of the last states in India, it is the 29th state, so being the latest state, it has introduced the latest technology to manage processes in Telangana. DTA Telangana is an online portal through which government employees in the state of Telangana can withdraw their payments and treasury bills through the online mode. Employees of government offices in Telangana can file their income tax returns through Paytm and Treasury bills.

Benefits of DTA Telangana Treasury Portal

The online portal has several benefits launched by the Telangana government to initiate the process of extracting Payslip and Treasury bills of Telangana state government employees. Among all the benefits that attract the attention of government employees is the availability of payment bills and treasury bills at any time, anywhere. You can take your slips and bills treasury anywhere in the state of Telangana. All you have to do is download or visit DTA Telangana’s official portal and you can delete penlips anytime.

Objectives of DTA Telangana

Through Electronic Payment slips and Treasury Bills, the goal is to provide government employees with the convenience of making their payments and withdrawing bills wherever and however they wish. Also, with electronic transactions of payrolls, government employees no longer have to stand in long queues to receive their payments in hard copy. Also, this peeplip and soft copy of Treasury bills reduces paper consumption and is also very good for our environment. Apart from these benefits, the time and energy of government employees is also safe.

Services on DTA Telangana Portal

There are many services available on this portal such as:-

  • Treasury operations
  • Ext dept operations
  • Net services to public
  • Pension information
  • Pensioner Payment Information TELANGANA State
  • Form 16
  • Download Tax Deduction Details
  • PPO arrivals Status
  • Pensioner Grievances
  • Certificates for First Payment
  • Certificates for Family Pension
  • DR and Other Allowances Pension
  • Not Paid Cases
  • Arogyasri Display
  • New Pension HOA’S
  • TG Latest AVC
  • Jeevan Pramaan Digital Life Certificate
  • Pension Excess Payment Recovery Notice
  • Employee operations
  • Pay Particulars
  • Previous Pay Particulars
  • Class IV GPF Information
  • Employee Payslip
  • AG GPF Account Slip
  • TSGLI Account Slip
  • NPS Transaction Statement
  • Pension/GPF Grievance (AG)
  • Challan

Process To Generate Payslip of DTA Telangana

If you want to generate electronic payslips you need to follow the following step by step process:-
✓ First,  you have to visit the official website of DTA Telangana.

DTA Telangana

✓ On the homepage, click on the option “employee operation.”
✓ Click on “employee payslip” from the drop-down menu.

DTA Telangana

✓ Enter your employee code or account number.
✓ The payslip will be downloaded on your device.
✓ Take the print out of the payslip for future use.

Procedure to avail services to public

If you want to avail any service mentioned above you need to follow the further mentioned steps:
✓ Open the official website of the DTA Telangana
✓ Go to the service option and select “Net services to public” option
✓ Now select “Pension information” or “Employee operations”
✓ Now a new page will appear on the screen
✓ Choose the service you want to avail
✓ Click on it and a new page will display on the screen
✓ Provide the asked information on the screen
✓ Submit the information and your respective details will appear

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