(Official Form) Duare Tran Application Form Download PDF 2021

Duare Tran Scheme

Again CM Mamata took a good initiative to deliver relief to real Yaas cyclone affected people yesterday. Similar to Duare Sarkar and Duare Ration CM Mamata Banerjee announced that the government will organise camps in Yaas cyclone affected areas to take application and provide relief fund. Mamata Banerjee refer to this scheme as ‘Duare Tran‘ (relief at doorstep).

Now all the Yaas-affected people easily can apply for Duare Tran Prakalpa. The government officials will verify their application and provide relief to genuine person. The government took this decision to avoid corruption.

Duare Tran Application Form Download PDF

Application form download link and process is given below.

The government will organise camps in Yaas affected villages. The Yaas affected people can apply visiting the camp. The camps will start on 3rd June  and continue till 18th June,2021. The applications will be verified from 19th June to 30th June,2021. After the verification relief funds will be transferred to eligible beneficiary’s account from 1st July, 2021.

Latest Update: 

27th May, 2021: CM Mamata Banerjee announced Duare Tran with the initial funds of Rs. 1000 crore for Yaas-affected people.

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Overview of Duare Tran Scheme (Prokolpo)


Duare Tran

Announced by

CM Mamata Banerjee

Announced on

27th May 2021


To provide relief fund to Yaas affected people at doorstep.


Yaas Cyclone affected people

Camps Continue

3rd June to 18th June, 2021

Application Verify

19th June to 30th June, 2021

Funds will be deposited in beneficiary account.

From 1st July,2021

Objective of Duare Tran Scheme

The government launched this scheme with someone objectives.

  • To deliver funds to directly beneficiary account.

  • To provide funds at doorstep.

  • To take application from the beneficiary directly.

  • To reduce corruption.

  • To provide relief funds to only eligible people.

Benefits of the Scheme

The people will get many benefits under this scheme such as

  • The people will get this facility at doorstep.

  • They don’t need to visit any office.

  • They don’t need to go to any political leader.

  • The camps will be organized in their own villages.

  • The funds will be transferred directly to their bank account.

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Eligibility Criteria

The applicants should have some eligibility criteria to avail this Duare Tran Scheme.

  • They should be resident of West Bengal.

  • They should live in Yaas affected areas.

  • They should be Yaas affected.

  • They should have the following documents.

Required Documents

To get Duare Tran benefits the beneficiary should have the following documents.

  • Resident Certificate

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Voter ID Card

  • Bank Account

  • Land Documents

  • Or Others

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How to Download Duare Tran Application Form PDF

If you want to download the application form for Duare Tran Prakalpa then just click on the link below and download the application form. After downloading fill with required information and submit it.

If you are eligible for relief funds, your funds amount will be credited on or after 1st July, 2021.

Duare Tran Application Form Samples

Duare Tran application form download
Duare Tran application form download PDF

FAQ on Duare Tran Scheme

Q1. What is Duare Tran?

Answer: Duare Tran is an initiative to deliver relief funds to the Yaas Cyclone affected people at their doorstep.

Q2. How to provide Duare Tran?

Answer: The government will organise camps in Yaas affected villages and take application directly from the beneficiary.

Q3. Who are eligible for Duare Tran?

Answer: Yaas affected people are eligible.

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