E District Odisha Certificate: Download, Registration, Application Status

You all know that India is moving towards digitalisation very fast. With this in view, the Government of Odisha has launched a portal for obtaining various types of e-certificates. So today through this article, we are going to give you all the important information related to e-District Odisha Certificate. We are going to tell you how to get different types of e-certificates and how to check the status of these certificates. So if you want to get all the important information about e District Odisha Certificate Portal read this article very carefully.
E District Odisha Certificate

E District Odisha Certificate

E District Odisha Certificates are genuine official documents for specific facts as citizens required from the government for various purposes. Examples of eDistrict Odisha Certificate are Certificate of Income, Certificate of Caste, Certificate of Residence, Certificate of Legal Inheritance, Parent Certificate etc. These certificates are required for a variety of purposes, such as scholarships and government benefits. These certificates are also required for employment in various positions. . If you are a citizen of Odisha, you can get these certifications by applying online. All you have to do is go to the official portal and apply for it.

Overview Of E district Odisha certificate

Launched By
Government of Odisha
Residents of Odisha
To provide all the government certificates available through online mode.
Official Portal

Objective of E district Odisha

The main objective of e-District Odisha Certificate Portal is to make all types of Government Certificates available to the people of Odisha through online mode. With the help of e-District Odisha Certificate Portal, all you have to do is apply online. You do not have to go to any government office or tehsil. This portal is going to save a lot of time and money.

Benefits & Features of E district Odisha certificate 2020-21

  1. Through this portal, all types of government certifications are available to the public through the online mode.
  2. This portal is for Odisha citizens only.
  3. Odisha citizens need to apply online to get the e-certificate.
  4. The government does not charge any fees for issuing these certificates.
  5. People do not have to visit government offices or tehsils, which saves a lot of time and money.
  6. The application process is also very simple
  7. The Government of Odisha launched the portal on 28 December 2019 under the 5T model
  8. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Government of India are responsible for the operation of this portal.

Types of e-certificates

  1. Certificate of Residence: This certificate is issued as proof of a person’s address. This certificate verifies that you live at the specified address.
  2. Income Certificate: This certificate is proof of a person’s income, which he or his family has acquired.
  3. Guardianship Certificate: Guardianship Certificate Proof of custody of a minor.
  4. Caste Certificate: Caste certificate is proof of a person’s caste. These certificates are given to SC, ST, SBC and OBC castes.
  5. Legal heir certificate: Legal heir certificate is a special document that establishes a relationship between a deceased person and his heir. This certificate is used for the purpose of inheritance or transfer of assets.
  6. Other Certificates and Licenses: Income and Property Certificates, Seed Licenses, Number Registration System and some other types of certificates and licenses can also be obtained through this hotel.

E District Odisha certificate Registration/ Application Procedure

If you want to apply for Odisha e District Certificate, you have to follow the steps given below: –

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of Odisha e District.
  2. The home page in front of you will open.
  3. Now you need to click on the login link.
  4. Now you scroll down and click register here.
  5. A new window will open in front of you.
  6. You must enter all required details such as your name, email id, mobile number, password and state.
  7. Now you need to enter the captcha code and click on Verify.
  8. Now you need to click on the login link and get your email id and OTP which you have entered or password and fill in the captcha code.
  9. Click on Login.
  10. After successful login. You need to click on the certificate you want to apply for.
  11. An application form will now open in front of you.
  12. Fill in all the required details and click Submit.
  13. The reference number you need to save for future reference is generated.

Procedure to check E district Odisha certificate Application Status

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of e-District Odisha.

  2. The home page in front of you will open.

  3. On the homepage, you need to click on the link for the status of the application under the Quick Links section.

  4. A new window will open on your screen.

  5. You will need to enter the reference number and click Submit.

  6. The status of the application is on your screen.

Helpline Number

If you face any problem or have any further queries then you can contact  toll free number or official email which is as follows:-

Official Email- revenue.pmu@odisha.gov.in
Helpline Number- 18001218242

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