West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2021: Apply Online, Application Form

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West Bengal Government have launched a new scheme to help all the workers working for the tea crop. In this article, you will learn about the objectives and benefits of the West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme. We will also share with you all the details about the scheme which is very beneficial for you if you want to apply for the scheme and avail the benefits available by the Government of West Bengal. We have also shared the step-by-step application process considered by the concerned Government of West Bengal authorities to assist tea workers in applying for the scheme.

West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme

West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2021

The scheme was launched by the West Bengal government to provide housing to tea workers in the North Bengal region of the state of West Bengal. The main objective of the scheme is to provide benefits to all tea workers. This benefit will be provided by the Minister of State for Labor. The scheme will start from September 17, 2020. Houses will be built for more than 750 families who are currently working on the development of tea estates in the state of West Bengal. Ration is distributed to workers at a discounted rate.

Overview Of WB Chaa Sundari Scheme 2021


West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2021

Launched by

West Bengal Government


Providing free houses


Helping in the development of the tea labourers

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Objective Of West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2021

In the past, Rs. 67 as a daily wage was given, now the state government makes it to 176 rupees. Long ago, tea workers were once again being paid. Mamata Banerjee has done much work for the state government for the advancement of tea workers, the TMC service said. WB state government has taken the assignment to encourage the returning of 3 shut tea homes in the Dooars. The Fund department has affirmed the returning of shut Madhu, Bundapani, and Surendranagar tea domains which are close throughout recent years

Benefits of West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme 2021

The state will give property to all tea continuing professionals to develop homes without their own space. An entirety of Rs 500 crores was allotted for the undertaking in the current monetary. In an effort to restore its support base in North Bengal, another Trinamool recalls the 2021 Assembly decisions, one job announcement after another. In 2019, the BJP will know how to win seven of the seven seats in the local parliament and how to stand in practically all the constituencies in the tea belt. After Trinamool came under control, Ghatak formed an alliance from 2011 to climb into tea compensation. The government requested workers to understand who is working for them.

Application procedure

There is no information yet about the West Bengal Chaa Sundari Scheme application form. No further information was available at the time. We will let you know all the details as soon as it starts. So please stay with us in the future to get all the updated information.

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