YSR Pension Kanuka 2021: Search Online, Status, Application, Beneficiary List

To provide financial assistance to the people of Andhra Pradesh, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has brought a scheme as YSR Pension Kanuka for the year 2021. Today in this article, we will share with you the specification of YSR Pension Scheme. We will share eligibility criteria, list of beneficiaries, selection process and all other details about the YSR pension scheme. We have provided a step by step guide to complete each process.

YSR Pension Kanuka Search

To check the application status of the pension scheme, you should follow the few steps given below: –

✓ Candidates who want to check their pension status should visit the official website
✓ You will now find a pension status option on the homepage of the website.
✓ As soon as you click, you will be taken to a new web page.
✓ Two options are displayed on your screen-
• Pension ID
• Grievance ID
YSR pension Kanuka Search

✓ Choose from the options you want.
✓ On the next web page, enter the information.
✓ Click Submit
✓ The status of the application will be displayed on your screen.

Details Of Pension Kanuka Scheme

Name : YSR Pension Kanuka
Launched by : CM Of Andhra Pradesh state
Beneficiaries : Economically backward People
Objective : Providing pension
Official website : https://sspensions.ap.gov.in/homePage.do

Disbursement Of YSR Pension Kanuka

Disbursement Of YSR Pension Kanuka began to be distributed. The pension was distributed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday, March 1, 2020. Pension has been given to 58.99 lakh beneficiaries across the state. The state government has made arrangements to distribute the pension at home to the beneficiaries. The government has directed the volunteers to distribute the pension after receiving the fingerprints of the beneficiaries through biometric process and not to call for a single place for distribution.

List Of Beneficiaries or Type of Pensioners

The following people will be able to get this benefit from the YSR pension Kanuka scheme:-

✓ Old Age
✓ Weavers
✓ Widow
✓ Disabled
✓ Toddy Tappers
✓ Transgender
✓ Fisherman
✓ Single Women
✓ Traditional Cobblers
✓ Dappu Artists

Incentives Amount of the Scheme

There are different incentive amounts for different categories of beneficiaries. The list of the amount is given below:-

For Old Age Persons, Widow, Toddy Tappers, Weavers, Single women, Fishermen, ART (PLHIV) Persons, Traditional Cobblers- Rs.2250/- per month

For Disabled persons, Transgender and Dappu Artists- Rs. 3,000/- per month

For people affected with Chronic Kidney Disease- Rs. 10,000/- per month

Eligibility Criteria

 The applicant must have the following eligibility criteria given below:-

✓ First, the applicant must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh state.
✓ The applicant must belong to below the poverty line category.

Age Criteria

The applicants must follow the following age criteria mentioned below:-

• For Old Age Pension – 60 years of age or above.

• For Weavers Pension – 50 years of age or above.

• For Widow Pension – As per Marriage Act 18 years and above.

• For Disabled Pension – Minimum 40% disability and No age limit.

• For Toddy Tappers – 50 years and above.

• For Transgender Pension – 18 years of age or above.

• For Fisherman Pension – 50 years of age or above.

• For Single Women Pension – Married women who are separated from more than 1 year and above 35 years of age. Unmarried women of- Rural area- 30 years Urban area- 35 years.

• For Traditional Cobblers Pension – 40 years of age.

• For Dappu Artists Pension – 50 years of age.

Download YSR Pension Kanuka Application Form

To apply for the scheme, you have to follow the simple steps given here:-

✓ First, download the application form for the pension
✓ Now take a print out of the form.
✓ Fill out the application form so that the pension with all the necessary details.
✓ Attach documents.
✓ Submit to the nearest relevant government office.

Selection Process of YSR Pension Kanuka Beneficiary

In order to select the beneficiary and distribute the pension, the concerned authorities of the scheme will take the following steps: –

✓ First, all the applicants apply for the scheme through the government office or the gram Panchayet office.
✓ Applications are then sent to the gram sabha for permission and investigation.
✓ After Gram Sabha approval and verification, the forms are sent to the concerned MPO officers.
✓ Verification takes place at the MPO office or municipal office.
✓ After successful verification, the pension amount will be re-submitted to the Gram Panchayet or Government Office.
✓ This amount is distributed to the beneficiaries from the government or the gram Panchayet office.

Beneficiary List of YSR Pension Online

To check the beneficiary list, you need to follow the simple steps which are given below:-

✓ First, click on this official Link
✓ On the webpage, enter the following information-
• District
• Mandal
• Panchayet
YSR pension Kanuka Scheme Beneficiary List

✓ Click on Go
✓ The list will be displayed.

YSR Pension Kanuka Verification Form

The Verification Form must be filled out by volunteers after collecting information from the people of the state. You can download the form by following some simple steps:

✓ To download the verification form, you need to open the official website
✓ You will get the “Latest Verification Form” option from the home page of the website
✓ Click on it and the application form download will begin.
✓ Take a print out from the application form

Details Asked In The Verification Form

Many of us want to know what details volunteers should go to ask, so here is the information which volunteers have to collect from people to fill in the form. The form includes the following columns:

•Zone/ municipality
•Gram Panchayet
•Habitat/ ward
•Name of village secretariat
•Volunteer Name
•Volunteer mobile number
•Identification number
•Applicant name
•Father/ husband name
•Date of birth
•Sub caste
•Mobile number
•Pinch type
•White ration card no
•Aadhaar card no
•Family income per month
•Family land detail
•Vehicle detail
•Family member employment information
•Other related details

Helpline Number for YSR Pension Kanuka 

2nd floor, 
Dr.N.T.R. Administrative Block, 
Pandit Nehru RTC Bus Complex, 
Andhra Pradesh – 520001

Telephone No: 0866 – 2410017

Email Id: ysrpensionkanuka@gmail.com

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