YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme: Benefits, Objective & Features

Andhra Pradesh government has launched a new scheme that will benefit all those who want to get a better livelihood. The YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme has now been launched for all women who are expecting their children. The new scheme will provide proper nutrition to pregnant and lactating women. We will share with you today the eligibility criteria, important documents and nomination process finalized by the concerned Government of Andhra Pradesh authorities under this scheme.
YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme

YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme

To help the people of Andhra Pradesh, the Government of Andhra Pradesh is ready to launch the AP YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme. The project is set to launch on September 1, 2020. You will be very happy to know that this scheme presented by the Government of Andhra Pradesh will bring many benefits to pregnant women, new mothers and babies. The scheme is actually available in 77 ancestral mandals in the state. Similarly, another YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme is designed to live in plain areas. The new diet plans will be secured through 55,607 Anganwadi Centers, including 30 lakh women

Benefits Of YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme

The scheme will benefit 27 lakh women and youth through 47 lakh 287 Anganwadis. 1,555 crore to Rs. The EP government has allocated Rs. 850 pregnant women and new mothers in plain areas to eat Rs. 350, for newborns Rs. 412 for youth. Previously, people with iron deficiency were saved by eating regular plans, but now new plans cover all homeless people. About 47,287 Anganwadis are concentrated in the plains, from which about 27 lakh women and youth are protected. Anganwadi, which is concentrated on the ground floor only, will cost about Rs 1,555 crore. The remaining financial plan will save 3 lakh women and newborns in the fatherland.

Overview Of YSR Sampoorna Poshana

YSR Sampoorna Poshana Scheme
Launched By
CM Jagan Mohan Reddy
Nutritional food
Pregnant women and children from marginal families
Official Website

Features Of YSR Sampoorna Poshana

  • About 3 lakh ancestral women and youth will be secured by 8,320 Anganwadis, including 77 ancestral circles.
  • Pregnant women and newborns get nutritious food between the ages of one and a half and 3 years.
  • Eggs and milk are given to youngsters between 3 and 6 years of age.
  • Rs. 1100, to feed pregnant women Rs. 553 PM to feed youth in ancestral areas
  • Expenditure plan Rs. Rs 308 crore has been earmarked for the utilization of the AP YSR Samporan Potion Plus scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the scheme, the applicant should meet the following eligibility criteria: –
  • Only pregnant women and nursing mothers can apply for this scheme
  • Children can also apply for this scheme
  • The applicant belongs to low income group or backward classes
  • Applicant must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Candidates between the ages of 6 to 72 months are eligible for benefits under the scheme.

Enrollment Procedure

The step-by-step nomination process in AP YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme is given below: –

  • Anganwadi workers survey the Anganwadi Center (AWC) catchment area to enroll beneficiaries
  • All children (6 months to 6 years), pregnant women and lactating mothers are enrolled under the AP YSR Sampoorna Poshana Plus Scheme.
  • The applicant’s details are recorded in the Common Application Software (CAS) to monitor service delivery.
  • Every month, every child’s development monitoring (height and weight) is done at the Anganwadi Center.
  • AWW / Supervisor will submit the list of SUM / SAM / MAM children to ASHA / ANM / MO (PHO).
  • The weight of pregnant women is monitored every month at the Anganwadi Center and recorded in the CAS.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers are encouraged to use the protein, energy-based take-home ration provided without distribution among family members.

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